The WRS World Finals turned out to be one of the most epic events in the 2010 season. A huge line up of the world’s best skaters came together after competing throughout the world all year long. As November 6th approached, it was clear that the Finals were anyone’s game.

WRS World Finals Results

1. Chris Haffey
2. CJ Wellsmore
3. Brian Aragon
3. Roman Abrate
5. Diego Guilloud
6. Jeff Stockwell
7. Fabio Enes
8. David Sizemore
9. Soichiro Kanashima
10. Montre Livingston

Amateur Blade Invasion

1. Miguel Ramos
2. Matt Luda
3. Gavin Drumm
4. Wake Schepman
5. Shawn Martin
6. Chris Smith
7. Jon Fromm
8. Daniel “Chino” Gomez
9. Alex Nunez
10. Pat Thomas