Pro results:

1 – Montre Livingston
2 – Alex Broskow
3 – David Sizemore
4 (Tie) – Brian Aragon
4 (Tie) – Mathias Silhan
6 – Chris Haffey
7 – Franco Cammayo
8 – Jon Jon Bolino
9 – Jeff Dalnas
10 – Fallon Heffernan
11 – Brandon Smith

Am results:

1 – Sam Moore
2 – Jon Fromm
3 – Cody Porsche
4 – Mike Koliner
5 – Fallon Heffernan


«The 2009 Bitter Cold Showdown was an unequivocal success. The trade show was hugely successful for everyone involved, the atmosphere and general love for rollerblading from everyone attending was like nothing I have ever seen and the contest was in a word, unbelievable. With the implementation of the World Rolling Series Pro and Am format it gave for our most talented bladers the opportunity to skate at their peak potential. This is evident in the tricks that went down, many of which have never been seen anywhere before. It was truly an enormous success and I look forward to making it all happen again at BCSD.X.»

Daniel Kinney — BitterColdShowdown founder & organizer